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Fundraising Program
We here at Mannie & Bo's believe in supporting our community. With so many schools and organizations contacting us for donations, we put together this fundraising program that many restaurants in the Denver Metro area offer. This way, everyone wins-- we get to giveback to our community by supporting our guests, and your school/organization gets the much needed cash donation!
Have Your School or Organization Fundraiser at Mannie & Bo's Pizzeria
Instructions for setting up your fundraiser with us:
  • Call us to reserve a month (or day) for your fundraiser. If fundraising one single day, it will be on a Monday or Tuesday night.
  • Be sure to speak with Ann Marie or e-mail her directly at She is the fundraising coordinator, and she will let you know what is available.
  • "Spread The Word" to promote your fundraiser. Tell everyone the date(s) of your event. Get family, friends, co-workers, etc. to dine-in at the pizzeria. Make sure to inform your supporters to let our staff know they are ordering for your specific school or organization.
  • Have your supporters turn in their itemized receipt to the team leader. The team leader is responsible for holding receipts until the last day of the fundraiser and turning them over to us for a check.
  • A few days after your fundraising timeframe is over, you will receive a check equal to 20% of the proceeds from those supporters who ordered from us.--The more people who order, the more money you receive!
Help your school or organization raise money by having your supporters dine at Mannie & Bo's!
Notice: In an effort to be sensitive to our other patrons, we do not allow signage for your fundraiser at the pizzeria.
Thank you for understanding. 20% Proceeds is limited to DINE-IN ONLY. Not available on Pick up or Delivery.